We stand by our customers

We stand by our customers

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Here at MissBliss.UK, we pride ourselves on Customer Service.  That is why when we heard that the mainstream shop "Missguided"  is not be offering their customers refunds (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61784199), we were just as shocked as the rest of you!

In our books, that classifies under being 'dishonest and crafty'.  These are all against our core principles. 

At MissBliss.UK, if we say we offer a refund, then that's what you will get! We will even go further and state that if, in the event we ever go bust, you will still always get your money back!.  Yes, its here in black and white, our commitment to you is solid!

We believe in old fashioned values and think the customer is not just another number, but core to our success.  We know that if you don't get good service, you will not come back, yet many shops operate under this knowledge - so why does that matter to us?  Well, we treat our Customers as we would expect to be treated.  To be treated fairly, with respect, in return for providing you with hand-picked items of quality at reasonable prices so that the you may give us another opportunity later on.  We want loyal customers, not just the ones that purchase once.

At MissBliss.UK, we never take our customers for granted. We know you have a huge choice online and we are always genuinely thankful that you selected our shop over others.

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  • A big thank you for helping me out when i needed a last minute dress accessory last minute on a Sunday. Despite the short notice, you welcomed me and assisted me wholeheartedly. Great customer service and product quality

    - Evelyn

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