Five things to consider when buying Bridesmaid dresses

Five things to consider when buying Bridesmaid dresses

Choosing a bridal dress for yourself is a mind-boggling task. And what I suspect, you have aced this challenge. Congratulations! But now it's time to pick a bridesmaid dress. One survey found that around 47% of brides want to select one dress for their bridesmaids. Probably, you're also the one.

But, do you know how to pick a bridesmaid dress. OR what things you must consider while choosing affordable bridesmaid dresses. After selecting a bridal dress, it is the toughest decision that the bride has to make. The most challenging part of this selection process is that most brides want their bridesmaid dresses to complement their dresses.

If you're also going through the same phase, it's nothing to worry about. We're here to help you. This article will discuss how to pick a bridesmaid dress design, colour, or fabric. 


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Let's dig into the article to learn more!

5 things to consider while buying Bridesmaids dresses

1.     Consider your dress style

While picking the bridesmaid dress, ensure that it complements the dress style you're wearing. For instance, a dress with flowy fabric is perfect for your bridesmaid if your dress style is whimsical.  

2.     Fabric

The market is full of diverse fabric options from chiffon to jersey to silk to velvet. Every fabric has its own charm. But not every dress fabric is suitable for every wedding and in every season. Here are some suggested bridesmaid dress fabric ideas according to wedding style and season in which it's happening

  • Jersey and chiffon dresses for casual weddings
  • Crepe, sequins, or Satin dresses for the lavish wedding event to give the royal look
  • Crepe back satin, velvet, and faille dresses for winter weddings
  • Chiffon dresses for spring and summer weddings 

3.     Price

Maybe you're planning to have a lavish wedding, but it doesn't mean your bridesmaid dress should be expensive. The budget of the bridesmaid dress should depend on how much the bridesmaid is willing to pay. 

Arrange a private meeting with your girls and decide the final budget. It will help you decide the fabric and style of the bridesmaid dress. 

While figuring out the budget for the dress, consider the alterations costs also. 

4.     Get creative

Being creative can make your bridesmaid dress look vibrant and classy. Play with texture, colours, and prints and come up with elegant dress ideas. However, you should remember that it should complement your bridal dress and wedding style.  

5.     Time to place order

Maybe you can make some of your wedding arrangements on an urgent basis, but you can't do so with a bridesmaid dress. It takes time to get these dresses ready. No matter what's the colour, style, or shade of the bridesmaid dress, you must have placed its order six months before your special day.

Although dress get ready in 2-3 months, this time allow you to have maximum alterations in dresses for a fascinating bridesmaid look at your big day.   

We have another pro tip for you. Order all the dresses in the same colour at the same time. It will ensure that there is no difference in the dye.

If you don't want to customize bridesmaid dresses, you can buy readymade dresses. 

Final thoughts…!!!!

No doubt it's challenging to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses; you can find the one by following the simple tips given here on how to pick bridesmaid dresses. So, arrange a get-together with your girls, their budget and finalize the colour and fabric. Right decision-making power with the proper planning makes sure that your girls look gorgeous to make your big day perfect. 


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